Please note that starting from July 12 to August 19, the school administrative units will be off every Tuesday and Friday. As the summer vacation has begun, here are several reminders:

1. COVID-19 Prevention:

(a) As COVID-19 is still prevalent currently, please continue to implement preventive measures: wearing a mask, maintaining good hygienic habits, washing hands frequently, and keeping social distance; Everyone is encouraged to download the ‘’Taiwan Social Distancing’’ app to protect yourself and others.

(b) If you have any symptoms such as a fever, respiratory symptoms, diarrhea, and abnormal sense of smell and taste, please conduct a rapid test and seek medical treatment but avoid taking public transportation.

(c) Please stay tuned for the related news or regulations, the CECC website:

2. Be alert to the surrounding safety to prevent fire hazards and carbon monoxide poisoning; Avoid going out too early or too late, it’d be safer to have a company. If you find someone suspicious, report to the Campus Security Center or seek assistance at the nearest convenience store.

3. Be aware of traffic safety: Do not drive without a license or drunk driving. When encountering a traffic accident, stay calm and dial 110 or 119.

4. If you have any contingency, please get in touch with Campus Security Center (07-3220809) for assistance.

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