[Library Notice]

To cooperate with the implementation of online teaching method applied till the end of the semester, the library will extend the borrowing period until June 30th (Thursday) (Except for the fresh graduates, alumni, off-campus interns, and interlibrary borrowers).

1. Books due after May 23rd (Mon) will be extended to June 30th (Thu), and no overdue fines will be calculated during the period from May 23rd (Mon) to June 30th (Thu). To avoid affecting the rights of teachers and students to borrow books, there will be no extension by that time, and readers are requested to renew their books online.

2. Starting from June 13th (Mon), books borrowing across the summer vacation will be available, the due date for returning books is October 5th (Wed), and readers could use online renewal to extend the borrowing period.

3. The above services will be adjusted at any time according to the school's policy. During the epidemic period, please use more online services such as online renewal, book return box, and mail returning. If you have any questions or special circumstances, please contact the Division of Readers’ Services (ext. 2133 ext. 83; read@kmu.edu.tw) or LINE for questions.

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