Students who enter TW from China, Hong Kong and Macao

(including transfer)

With fever or respiratory symptoms

Without symptoms

Health tracking

Self-health observation

Supervised by local health organization

Self-management/supervised by Civil Affairs Bureau

1. The quarantine staff will issue a "Health Care Notification" and a " Cooperating Notice of Sanitary Measures and Health Management for Passengers with Abnormal Health Arrivals"

2. The quarantine staff of local health organization will track your health condition for 14 days.

need to fill out Novel Coronavirus Health Declaration Card provided by the airlines.

1. Avoid going out during health tracking or self-health observation period. If you need to go out, you should wear surgical masks; maintain your cough manners, wash your hands frequently and take your temperature once in the morning/ night every day.

2. If you have fever or respiratory symptoms, please contact the Kaohsiung Department of Health or call 1922

DON’T come to school for 14 days, and are advised to stay at home

Some news saying the school open date will be delayed to March 2nd, but we are still waiting for the official announcement from the Central Epidemic Command Center, so please be patient and the school will definitely announce the accurate date once it confirmed.

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