1.     The Chinese Lunar Year holiday is coming, as some of you may know that many stores and restaurants won’t be open during the holiday (especially during Jan. 24~ Jan. 26), please prepare enough food in advance.

2. The school also prepare some snacks for the international students at the Office of Student Affairs for free during the holiday. All international students are welcome to get some snacks. Please take appropriate amount personally as quantities are limited. First come first served; until all give out.

* Snack collecting time: everyday 9:00 am~11:00 am/ 2:00 pm~4:00 pm starts from Jan 24th (Friday).

* Location: Office of Student Affairs, 1F, CS Building.

Please do sign your name on the sign-in sheet when you collect the snack.

***The staff on duty will ask you to sign for the collecting, don’t forget to say some greetings or blessing words to them like 新年快樂[Xīnnián kuàilè](Happy New Year)!***

3. Do not violate any rules of the school and take care of your own safety while having fun, any emergency please contact the Campus Security Center (07-3220809).

Hope you enjoy the holiday and Happy Lunar New Year!

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