Dear all, 
Recent event's information please refer the table below: 

Date/ Time  Event/ Subject  Location 
16, May, 2017 
12:00~2:00 pm 
Love is Equal- IDAHOT Promotional Activity  Plaza in front of IR Building 
16-21, May, 2017  "No Smoking Slogan" Tobacco Hazards Prevention Slogan Online Voting Activity  Division of Health Service Facebook 
17, May, 2017 
12:00~2:00 pm 
Love is Equal- IDAHOT Lecture  CS209 
17, May, 2017 
5:20~6:30 pm 
Overseas/ International Students Final Meeting & Cultural Experience Event  Lounge of Dormitory A 
18-19, May, 2017 
11:00 am~1:00 pm 
Safety Measures for AIDS  Plaza in front of Post Office 
21, May, 2017 
12:00~1:30 pm 
TED X KMU Career Development Lecture  KMU International Convention Center Hall B 

Friendly Reminders: 
1. Please prevent yourself and others from any danger when playing any sport or game. For your safety concern, avoid any dangerous action or the movement that may hit into someone; also, it is prohibited to play sports or games on the disabled access ramp.  
2. According to school regulation, Schweitzer Boulevard and Tsung-Ming Tu Boulevard are the places allowed to do the activities after 7:00 pm, please avoid playing sports or games at the other places. 

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