Dear all, 
Recent event's information please refer the table below: 

Date/ Time  Event/ Subject  Location 
8, May, 2017 
5:30~9:00 pm 
Art Therapy of Painting  Conference Room I, 2F, Li-Hsueh Building 
9-10, May, 2017 
12:00~1:00 pm 
"Drink More Water to Stay Healthy" Activities  Corridor, CS Building 
10, May, 2017 
12:00~2:00 pm 
Approach you with more Understanding-Mental Illness Introduction Lecture  Clinical Skill Classroom 
11, May, 2017 
5:30~9:00 pm 
Find Your Own True Self- Psychodrama Workshop  Recreation Room, B2, CS Building 
12, May, 2017 
5:30~9:00 pm 
Mind Strolling- Self- Exploration Workshop  Club Meeting Room 

Regards from the Office of Student Affairs. 

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