Dear all, 
Recent event's information please refer the table below: 

Date/ Time  Event/ Subject  Location 
24, April, 2017 
12:00~1:00 pm 
The Art of Breaking Up  CS208 
26, April, 2017 
12:00~4:00 pm 
Career Development Lecture  Performing Room, B1, 1st Teaching Building 
27, April, 2017 
10:00 am~2:00 pm 
Job Fair Explanation Meeting  Plaza in front of IR Building 
27, April, 2017 
12:00~2:00 pm 
Lecture on Intimacy and Violence in Love for International Students  CS230 
28, April, 2017 
12:00~2:00 pm 
Hear Me Now-- A Gentle Dialogue with the Dr. Dog  IR504 

Friendly reminders: 
1. Drug abuse is illegal in Taiwan, if you notice any suspicious, please report it to the school. 
Please refer to overseas travel alerts and be aware of global infectious disease if you plan to travel abroad; taking measures 
     of mosquito prevention as dengue fever and Zika virus are still prevalent.

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