Dear all, 
Recent event's information please refer the table below: 

Date/ Time  Event/ Subject  Location 
20, March, 2017 
12:00 pm 
Meeting with the President  CS301 
21, March, 2017 
12:00~2:00 pm 
Traffic Safety Promotion Lecture  CS302 
22, March, 2017 
12:00~1:00 pm 
LGBT Booth Activity  Corridor of Morality 
23, March, 2017 
12:00~1:30 pm 
Academic Year 105-2 Career Development Lecture  Performing Room, B1, 1st Teaching Building 
24, March, 2017 
12:00~2:00 pm 
'Transformation and Rebirth' Meditation Lecture  Clubs Meeting Room 
26, March, 2017 
9:00 am~4:00 pm 
Experiencing Voice and Arts Therapy Workshop  Dance Classroom, B2, Chi-Shih Building 

Friendly reminders: 
1. For your safety, please refrain from going on the dormitory rooftops. 
2. Please keep in mind that KMU is a non-smoking campus. If you are caught smoking on campus, you will be  
    punished in accordance with the school regulations. 

Regards from the Office of Student Affairs. 

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