Dear all, 
Recent event's information please refer the table below: 

Date/ Time  Event/ Subject  Location 
13, March, 2017

Mental Health Lecture- Do You Truly Love Me? The sense of Security in Love.

15, March, 2017 
12:00~1:00 pm 
Music Therapy Lecture-See the Melody, Hear Yourself Conference Room I,2F,Li-Hsueh Building
17, March, 2017 
1:00~3:00 pm 
Counseling Volunteers Seminar-Horticultural Therapy CS117
19, March, 2017 
9:00 am~4:00 pm 
Experiencing Voice and Arts Therapy Workshop B2, Dance Classroom, Chi-Shih Building

Friendly reminders: 
Dormitory application  for Academic Year 106 will be available for registering online through the student Wac 
    System during 15 March ~31 March. 
2. For international students that would like to further your stay in Taiwan for job seeking purpose after graduation,  
    please go to the National immigration Agency of Kaohsiung to make an application. The application will allow you 
    to further your stay in Taiwan for an additional 6 months. During 6 months of your stay, you are allowed to go 
    abroad or to remain in Taiwan. 
    For the application, you will need to present: 
    a. Certificate of graduation 
    b. Passport 
    c. ARC 
    d. A 2- inched photo of yourself 
    Please refer to the National Immigration Agency for further information:  
3. If you are facing any difficulty or hardship and need someone to talk to. you are more than welcomed to visit  
    the Division of Psychology and Counseling. 
4. For disabled students who need any help academically/daily, kindly go to the Resource Room to seek for 

Regards from the Office of Student Affairs. 

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