Dear all,

  The upcoming midterm week might make you nervous and worried. If you feel stressed, you might have stress disorder. The core symptoms of the disorder are anxiety and a series of autonomic instability symptoms, for example, irritability, inattention, memory reduction, headache, dizziness, discomfort and insomnia.

  People with more serious symptoms might have tachycardia,breathing difficulty, tremble, night sweats, chest pain and upset stomach. If not properly dealt with, the disorder can turn into PTSD or other related psychological problems like depression or drug abuse. Stress disorder is common, but we should be more careful to prevent it.

  If you feel stressed, here are some suggestions to follow:

  1. Prevent or reduce the sources of pressure.
  2. Talk to friends or relatives who can listen to you patiently or seek help from counselors to reduce nervousness.
  3. In case you feel too nervous or can’t sleep, see a psychiatrist and take prescription pills to reduce anxiety and facilitate sleeping quality for temporary use.
  4. Deal with things that are the most important and easiest. Don’t handle too many things at the same time.
  5. Don’t isolate yourself. Spend some time with your friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers. Talk about your feelings with the members of religious group or counseling group to gain support.
  6. Have regular exercises and eat more vegetables and fruit. Be careful not to get a cold.
  7. Learn to use some relaxation skills, such as listening to the music or use muscle relaxation technique. You might also learn it from the counselors.

  If you need to reserve a counseling session, please call 07-3121101#2121 or use the KMU online reservation system at S.U.0.01.

Wish you luck on the midterm!
Best Regards,
Division of Psychology and Counseling
Office of Student Affairs

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