[Dorm Withdrawal due to Epidemic Prevention]
***This may not be applied to most of the international students, and please feel ease to continue to live in the dormitories; However, if you would like to apply for this application and have difficulty filling out the Chinese online application form, then you could find Peggy of OSA directly to assist you to complete the application. ***
In response to the severe development of the COVID-19, schools must prepare an appropriate capacity for caring and isolation in the dormitories. With the resolution of online teaching (distance courses) method applied starting from today (May 23) till the end of this semester, dormitory students are encouraged to apply for dormitory withdrawal and return home for distance learning to improve the epidemic prevention capacity of the dormitory.
Application method:
Fill out the online form (https://forms.gle/xFw5o5gSLc6Pfn517) with【Dormitory Withdrawal Application Form https://reurl.cc/ZAVvdl
uploaded before Friday, 5:00 pm of May 27.
If you complete the application of the withdrawal within the application period (Friday, 5:00 pm of May 27), and move out before 12:00 pm on May 29, 111 (Sunday), 30% of the accommodation fee will be refunded; late application won’t be refunded.
Note: There will be no refunds for those who have received full accommodation subsidies from the school
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